the roses do not care.

The past week or so has been a good balance of calm and activity…though truthfully, I’m always yearning for more calm.

handsome brunch date.

incredible brunch.

We went to Secretly Y’all, a local storytelling event that happens monthly at Balliceaux. I hadn’t been able to make it to one for quite a while, and was pleased and surprised to see how much it’s grown. That entire back room was packed out! I didn’t enjoy all of the stories, but I love the idea of storytelling so much that I’m just happy to be in a place where that’s happening. Hopefully as time goes along there will be so many participants that there will need to be a screening process and less of what Dan calls “shinfo.” In general, I’m really excited to just gather and hear people’s stories.

For church we went and helped a friend from our City Group get her house and yard cleaned and organized. I don’t really mind cleaning my own house, but cleaning somebody else’s house is downright cathartic. The best part is that I got to hang out with my friend’s mom, who’s almost 82 and is about 82 times more delightful of a conversationalist than most people I know. Also anybody who says I look like a movie star is good in my book. We talked about college and medicine and breakfast and baking and Kate Middleton and I don’t know what else. Almost every time I grudgingly shuffle off to go help someone, I end up having a fantastic time. Which makes me feel bad for wanting to stay in bed that morning. My nature is not a very helpful one, but I’m learning. There are a lot of things in that category though. When I was playing softball, I never felt like getting up and going on Wednesday nights. But as soon as I got there, I had a blast. Every week. And that’s why I kept making myself get up and go.

The issue of R Home magazine with the article about our house has been a out for a while now, so every once in a while we’ll get a text or get tagged on Instagram from a surprised friend. It’s fun to be a little teeny tiny bit famous. In Richmond. Amongst home interiors geeks. I’ll take it. 😀 It’s surreal to see yourself in print.

Lots of changes are afoot at work, which is fine because (professionally at least) I’m good at rolling with the punches. But it calls for a lot of meetings and phone calls and just general shifting around. Logistics! It can be hard to get back into the rhythm of what I think of as my “regular” job when I’ve been spending a lot of time on that sort of thing. But, thus is management.

Saturday night we had a fire pit at Mom and Dad’s. Radio on, hot dogs roasting, pumpkin pie for dessert, orange kitty cat on my lap. Typical happy and (un)healthy evening at Casa Dixon. Sunday Dan and I tried that place Heritage for brunch (two thumbs up) and ended up driving around town doing some errands and slinking around antique stores even though we meant to just spend the day relaxing. But we got our chance to relax last night, when we made some tea and started getting Dan caught up on Downton Abbey. Nights like that are my heaven.

On the baby front, I’ve toured all the daycares that exist to my knowledge in about a 4-mile radius. There are two of them. :\ I seriously don’t understand why there aren’t more, especially with all the young families I see in the neighborhood. That being said, when I think of all my friends who are moms, most of them stay home and care for their children. That’s just not an option for us, so I put us on the waiting list for both of the places we toured. One is a smaller place in a super convenient location for Dan’s little commute. Very friendly, recommended by several friends, and the director got back to me via email immediately (this is a very big deal to me — if you’re running a business and you make people wait for days to hear back from you, you’re doing it wrong). This is the place our kid will likely attend, and I’m happy with it. The other place is slightly farther away but it’s kind of like this huge, bright, brand new baby paradise. As flashy-fancy as it is though, they took forever to get back to me and have a year and a half waiting list.

Other than all of that, I’ve pretty much just been cleaning the house. Besides the regular chores, downstairs I cleaned out two cabinets with three shelves each for baby accoutrements. I hate having tiny, brightly-colored, painful-to-step-on baby things strewn about, so I thought it might be a good idea to have some storage downstairs for that. Our registry is filled up with gear and supplies, and we’re working on getting one of THESE absolutely ridiculous prams (keep your fingers crossed as we scour Craigslist and eBay). So things are coming together. Now all we need to do is baby proof the cabinets and put a gate on the stairs, and we’re done! Just kidding. We don’t really have to do that for another year.

Here are some roses in the front yard that are blooming despite the fact that it’s January. It’s been super dreary outside too, and the other night something that rarely ever happens in Richmond happened — I went to sleep to the sounds of rain, and woke up to the same. The roses do not care.


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