sad weekend, happy day off.

Not really a REAL sad weekend. Friday night I cleaned, Saturday morning I made kale and white bean soup and took some over to Jane and her mother, and then we saw Les Miserables, which meant three hours of me weeping hysterically. Very good though! Then we tried the new oyster restaurant, Rappahannock, which was crowded but delicious. I recommend the baked oysters, sans bacon. Then we de-Christmased, which is always depressing. Back into the plastic bins go all the season’s finery. :\ And we stayed up late agonizing over Silver Cross prams and looking for alternatives on eBay. Yesterday I ran errands and then worked evening rotation until 10pm.

Today was an excellent day off though. I don’t understand why some people are like “Even if I won the lottery I’d have to work, because I’d get bored.” Really? As long as there are books to read and walks to take, I won’t be bored.  And that doesn’t even account for all the crafting that would need to happen.

I caught up on magazines during the morning, and made myself a fried egg on flax toast with tomato bruschetta and sautéed kale. There are about a million other things I could get done around the house, but every once in a while I take an actual day off and just ditch all those obligations. I walked down to Globehopper for a coffee, and sat at the dead end of Grace and looked out over the city for a while. Back at home, I curled up on the couch with the cat, the rest of the magazines, and my book until it was time to go to CHAT. Harmony was totally unfocused but since all she really had to do was write a thank-you card, it wasn’t catastrophic.

Hopefully this relaxing day will energize me and balance out the rest of my packed week…


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