2nd trimester. ready? okay.

Well, we went for our first ultrasound at 12 weeks. First of all, ultrasound technology is amazing. I seriously can’t get over the fact that you can put this wand up against someone’s belly and see what’s inside. I wanted to grab the wand and say “Let’s see what’s in yours!” to the ultrasound tech. But I refrained because I wanted to be mature. The ultrasound tech, however, couldn’t resist a snide comment: “If you look closely right here, you can see the little piercing…” I LOLed.

Depending on the view, the baby looks like a baby, a gummy bear, or Darth Maul.

The side view was the best. His little hands were waving around, presumably to the sound of his own personal in-womb rave. When the doctor came in, we asked if he could tell anything about the sex, and he asked us several times how serious we were about finding out before finally saying “Well, it looks like it has three legs. I’ll leave it at that.” REAL MATURE, doctor. No but seriously, we laughed. And a boy will be fine. I won’t get to grab up every tiny little dress I see (has anyone seen the Neiman Marcus baby dresses at Target?), but there do appear to be way more black clothing items available for little boys. And as I tell the student I tutor every week, black goes with everything.

Things get way more real once you see that it’s not actually a stray cockroach or kitten in your gut, but what appears to be a human baby. Your baby. Whoa exciting. Whoa pressure.

We have a ton of stuff in the nursery already, and the only things we actually bought are those two books I mentioned before. It turns out people cannot WAIT to get rid of their old baby stuff are super generous and love to give us their old baby stuff. My cousin gave us a matching crib, changing table, and armoire, as well as a video monitor and some other accoutrements. The Bonkovskys gave us a tub, a potty, and other stuff.

On top of all that, we went through a box of Dan’s old stuff that his mom gave us, and there were adorable baby things. Four pairs of baby shoes. A little blanket. A blue hairbrush. A Star Wars towel. A train conductor outfit (well this is for like a 4-year-old, but still). And the tiniest, cutest denim jacket any little son of Canadian bikers ever owned. I laid it all out in the nursery to await its inheritor.

I know I need to post photos of all these things. I will.

The goal is to make Project Baby free, or at least as cheap as Sophie. We spend like $8.00 a month on the care and maintenance of this kitty ($4.00 on allergy pills and about $4.00 on kibble), plus any random expenses like vet visits or a new flea collar. A baby will be even less because they won’t need flea collars! RIGHT?! Right guys? Right?

In a couple of days we’ll be at 14 weeks, and the baby will be roughly the size of a lemon. I’ve been feeling great for the past couple of weeks, and I definitely do not miss the ever-present nausea of the first trimester.

Sophie has been really sweet to me lately. It’s like SHE KNOWS. Here’s a photo of her enjoying prenatal yoga with me.

Child’s Pose (or is it Kitten’s Pose?)


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