awesomest alone-date.

I had the day off from work today and I took myself on a most awesome alone-date. I went to Capitol Square and strolled around for a while, and went to the Virginia Visitor’s Center inside the bell tower to pick out some Virginia-themed souvenirs to send to my brother and his wife.

I followed that up with a little photo shoot some murals on Broad St. that I’ve been meaning to photograph for months.

Then I headed to the Virginia Historical Society to redeem my Groupon for a new membership there, and I ended up walking around and looking at all the exhibits again while I was there. My favorite thing from today’s visit was a thin gold wedding band found in some ruins from the 1700s that has this inscribed inside it: “Time will tell, I love thee well.” Afterward I went to the VMFA, had lunch at Best Cafe, and went to the see the third floor (which I had missed on my trip there recently). I wandered slowly around the Art Nouveau section and the South Asian Art section, where I spent a particularly long time staring at this, this, and this.

Then I went cardigan shopping in Carytown, and though I (again!) didn’t find anything, I did get a maroon blazer from the 70s that will actually work perfectly with my work wardrobe.

Tonight I went to CHAT for tutoring, and Harmony was so determined to go on a reward trip that’s happening tomorrow, that she buckled down and studied super hard. History homework, spelling homework, a few pages of The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, and multiplication flash cards were all a breeze today. She is a delight to work with when she makes up her mind to actually focus. 🙂

Lianna is over getting her last few things out of the house, and I’m getting ready for bed and the long week ahead of me.


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