pma, as the kids say.

Many things of note have occurred since my last entry. As usual, the longer I go without blogging, the more I have to cram into one post.

Lianna closed on her new house, though she couldn’t manage to get more than six blocks away from us. 🙂 To celebrate, she funded the delicious feast below at our favorite Church Hill restaurant, the Roosevelt. Happiness is roasted bluefish over cheese grits. On the right you’ll see the lovely curiosity cabinet that Dan and I dragged here from a Hanover antique store and fussed over for a week or two as we meticulously cleaned off all our random artifacts and arranged them inside. The kitchen was actually full of buckets of bones sitting in peroxide solution for several days.


My sister is all married off! Her Downton-themed shower was a success:


As was the Nelson 151 winery / cidery / brewery bachelorette party:

And the wedding was just beautiful.

My brother and his wife visited from Hawaii, and I took them on a few quick trips to see sights around Richmond including Libby Hill Park, Maymont, and the VMFA.

Dan and I managed to sneak away to our only real vacation of 2012: an overnight stay in the Virginia Beach area (it’s all we really had time for, okay?). On the first day we totally owned the colonial house tour circuit, and on the second day we took a cloudy beach walk and then a stop in Williamsburg for food and outlet store perusing.


I got a promotion at work along with my friend Jim, and I think we’re both very excited and very challenged by taking on the role of Director. With taking on more responsibility at Tumblr, it’s going to be more important than ever for me to maintain a steady flow of calmness and quiet and day trips during off-hours. Still, our new lounge area at the office certainly helps relieve stress, allowing us to enjoy the weather via the roll-up garage door and watch trains go by along the river.

Phil and Lauren got married last weekend, and I made some strawberry rhubarb pie for the occasion. I had a blast that night and I’m so glad that Karen Seifert was there to capture all the awesome moments, including this one:

After the wedding everyone went out together and I ran into Brandi, and we cracked each other up as per usual.

Here’s a random taste of what I see on my morning runs if there’s a decent mist going on. Spooky!

And here’s a glimpse of my welcoming committee when I make it back home.

Today: after eight long hours of grueling Saturday tech support I was desperate to go somewhere. I went to the mall to look for a maxi cardigan (preferably odg, though clearly that color isn’t “in” this season), wandered around for hours, found nothing, and came home. It was a satisfying, head-clearing evening.

The first crisp days of autumn are here, and though the end of summer is always a little sad, I’m delighted for the return of jacket weather and all that comes with it. The wedding blitz is on a temporary hiatus, tutoring with CHAT is back in full swing, and I’m in the mood to make dishes full of root vegetables. Looking forward to the Halloween season, more visits to the pumpkin patch, the Folk Festival, the Celtic Festival, etc. etc..


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