NYE 2010-2011: best New Year’s Eve ever?

I kind of hate all the unrealistic expectations that New Year’s Eve typically brings, but this one really delivered.  We went to two fantastic parties, and they happened to be at our two favorite apartments in Richmond:

1. A Winter Wanderer’s Wonderland at the Grammercy Penthouse: Treats, drinks, and faux snow at our friends’ intimidatingly beautiful house, featuring a roofdeck view that can’t be beat.





2. The 319 Speakeasy Grand Opening: A 1920s-themed party at everybody’s favorite loft, featuring the photography of genius Karen Seifert.







There are a few more photos from me here, and a million more from Karen here.

I laughed and danced and enjoyed the views, but what I enjoyed the most about this NYE is how much I got to meet fascinating new people and catch up with old friends.  Such a wonderful time.  Let’s keep the good conversation rolling all through 2011, my loves.


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