of autumn and outdoors.

Enjoying the cozy office for the moment, but wishing I were outside all the same.


by Ann McGarry, via Design Is Mine.


tea in a graveyard, via Kristin.


what I picture when I think of the ultimate scenery, via Liebemarlene Vintage


frozen beauty.


a place I'd like to explore: Cornell University's old hydraulic lab, via opacity.us.


2 thoughts on “of autumn and outdoors.

  1. Tess! The hydraulic lab at Cornell was freakin torn down last year and replaced with a slab on concrete! (Granted it apparently was slowly sliding into the gorge and posed a safety/ecological problem)When students were asked for their opinion on the matter most said it was a good idea because dilapidated buildings are ugly and make Cornell look bad—> am I in the wrong place or what?

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