the september story.

Photographic evidence of where I’ve been this September.

Watching Dad blow out all 50 candles on his birthday cake.

House hunting.

Gardening, and hanging out with the weird creatures I find in the backyard.

Making snack-treats for our church City Group, which is now hosted at our house each Tuesday.

Catching up with old friends and making new ones at Laurie’s bachelorette party.

Taking Polaroids, much to the delight of the kids at Children’s Worship.

Hitting the antique store mother lode.  Even better than the board games were the piles of costume jewelry for a fraction of the cost at most stores in town.

Making cupcakes for Silas’ birthday, and hanging out at Avalon and McCormack’s Whisky Grill.

Finally visiting the Virginia House.  Highly recommended!

Stepping out on the Eerie Nights Ghost Tour.

Skype-ing with Mia and Lianna.

Celebrating my birthday with cake, flowers, more house hunting, balloons, Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi on Phil’s roof, and the best Picnic of Doom yet!

Photo by Nick Kessler.

Photo by Nick Kessler.

Photo by Nick Kessler.

Celebrating Phil’s birthday with the most amazing event this year: a Star Wars costume dance party.  Dan was awarded honors for making the best costume, and we partied with stormtroopers until last call. I love the annual Tess-and-Phil-birthday-weekend-extravaganza.

Later this week we’re heading to Sacramento for our friend Andre’s wedding, and I’m really looking forward to getting away for a while.  I’ve been asked to take photos at the wedding and related festivities, so watch Flickr for some left-coast fun!


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