four years of parasol party.

By Stina Wirsen, via Oh Joy!

What a long, strange, wonderful Parasol Party it’s been.

That’s right — I’ve been blogging on WordPress for four years as of today. In my first entry I talked about moving to WordPress basically because Matt Morton was doing it, and because I wanted a cool sidebar.  Done and done!  The next entry talked about going to Hadad’s for Best Friends Day.  I’m preparing to brave those Scope-colored waters yet again tomorrow, a summertime ritual that hasn’t killed me yet.

By Janet Hill, via Oh Joy!

Before WordPress I was on Xanga, which I started on September 8th, 2003…so we can probably go ahead and celebrate my seven-year anniversary of blogging.  The big news in my life seven years ago included watching a funny video made at Dan T’s cabin, going to Bible study, and the face that Chris Lacroix planned to buy a hot pink Queen t-shirt.  And here’s what I opened the entry with:

“So I finally decided to jump on the LiveJournal/Weblog bandwagon, due to my thoughts going too fast for my pen. Although I love the old-fashioned way of documenting stuff, I think that in order for me to actually DO this, and actually KEEP TRACK of what’s going on in my life, I’m going to have to do it on the Internet. It is pretty sad that I have to do that, but the first step is acknowledging that you have a problem. I even get my daily devotionals sent to my email. Seriously.”

Some things never change.  Except using the word “weblog,” of course.   ❤

By Fabio Bartelt for Elle Brazil, via Haute Macabre.

By M. H. Jeeves via Oh Joy!


2 thoughts on “four years of parasol party.

  1. congratulations!!! i was on GreatestJournal, then xanga, then blogger so i think i’ve been doing this for 6 years, and in no way do i compare to the depth of your posts!

    keep it up, we love reading what you have to say/think!

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