three years!

Now: 8.1.10, at Billy and Kathy's (amazing!) wedding.

I cannot believe we’ve been together for three years.  I feel like Dan’s still my “new boyfriend” sometimes.  But actually we’ve been friends for four years, have been together for three years, and we’re swiftly approaching our first wedding anniversary.  We’ve been together for longer than I’ve ever been with anyone, and we’ve had a happy marriage for longer than either of us has had a happy marriage.  Milestones!  Exciting!  We celebrated on Friday by trying out Pescado’s China Street (delicious food, horrible tacky decor) and going to a movie: just a quiet night together.

In the interest of not regurgitating the same old stuff, what I said last year and the year before still applies.  I love this guy in the moments when he drives me up the wall, and in the moments when he swoops in and saves my life.  How wonderful to have a partner as attentive and truly caring as he.  Half of the time he’s traveling, or we’re busy with various projects and committments, and I get to enjoy the aloneness I became so accustomed / addicted to during most of my twenties.  I love being able to have different pursuits, and to come back together and have interesting things to talk about and conflicting ideas to share.  And when we are together, I love working on common pursuits and enjoying the support and strength of our relationship, and that feeling that we can accomplish so much more together than we can apart.

Then: 7.30.07, at Westover Plantation.

Here’s to at least three more happy years.  At LEAST!


10 thoughts on “three years!

  1. Yeah. And you know what, I think we met right after Dan and I started dating. Remember, when you and Dave picked us up at the Tidal Waves’ pool party? So it’s kind of our anniversary too!

  2. I love that you two get to keep your own lives AND get to share a life together! That’s so great! I definitely need to find a man who’s ready for the independence I am used to! (I don’t want to become some two-headed monster just because I’m “in a relationship”) You two are lovely! Congratulations!

  3. i sure remember. we knew gene and erin, but that was about it. then dan and dave started talking music and haven’t stopped since 🙂 yay, happy anniversary us!!!

  4. Deanna — I think you captured this idea so well in your little chart with the hearts and see-saw. I became a two-headed monster once, and when it was over NOBODY KNEW MY NAME. They all called me “____’s Girlfriend.” It was not pleasant to have to tell them I was no longer ____’s Girlfriend, but I’m glad it happened because I would have never become Tess otherwise.

    Kristin — Happy Anniversary to US! We will celebrate with many drinks soon.

  5. What you’ve said here pretty much mirrors the relationship dynamic Calvin and I have. Love it, can totally relate and it’s wonderful. 🙂

  6. I’m so happy for you and Calvin. Hopefully you’ll be saying something similar when your first wedding anniversary comes around the bend.

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