of farms and mountains.

Things have been positively wild since we got back from Canada.  I spent the past couple of weekends on some long-overdue road trips to Stanardsville, VA to hang out on Mia’s family’s farm, and to Asheville, NC to go to the Biltmore and to visit some of Dan’s friends who live there now.  Ping-ponging all over the place makes you feel like you’re catching up / preparing for more traveling during the whole week, rather than just taking things one day at a time.  It’s been hectic, but worth it.

Low point: Last Saturday night: Mia’s sister Maddie being bitten five times by a copperhead and sent to the hospital.

High point: This Saturday night: Dan and I wandering slowly through thunderstormy downtown Asheville, just taking our time, exploring, and sharing an umbrella.

Here’s the yert that Mia’s family is building, and which I tried valiantly to help with.

The farm has an array of wildlife, including these two friendly horses.

The view from the porch.

Nightswimming.  Just before the copperhead attack!

This is Owen, our friends’ adorable kid.  I fell just a little bit in love with him.  Yes, he’s THAT expressive, all the time.  This was taken at the Laughing Seed, an amazing vegetarian restaurant in Asheville.

Oh, how’d that mansion get there?  The Biltmore is so impressive I’m afraid I’ll be jaded about house tours after this.

A waterfall we walked to, via one of the many trails on the Biltmore estate.

Pizza at Asheville Brewing Company.

Our friends’ beautiful little home in the country.

We drove for a while on the Blue Ridge Parkway on the way home.

So beautiful.  This really gives Canada a run for its money.

Okay, that’s enough road-tripping for now.  ❤


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