of laughs and lake water.

Some recent memories to take with me as I travel far away…

Good talks and good drinks for Kenny’s 30th birthday.  And freaking Talia out with ghost stories.

Easing into the calm water and floating on my back under a black-clouded sky, in the lake at the City Church women’s retreat.  And later, giving everybody goth lite makeovers.  And falling asleep next to Valerie while watching Clueless.

Bursting with pride over Jenny’s reading of her new book, to thunderous applause.  And later, sitting with some of my favorite people in the world, drinking in delicious cocktails and each others’ smiles.

Dancing.  Sooo much dancing.

Photo by Phil Bowne.

Not pictured: watching the kids from church screamin’ and yellin’ and carryin’ on happily, thanks to a Slip n’ Slide at the thank-you party for children’s worship leaders.

I’m a blessed girl.  Goodnight.


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