At the temple.

Librarian: “This is a picture of the desert.”
Kid 1: “Then where are the pyramids?”
Librarian: “This is Israel.  Those are in Egypt.” [turns some pages] “See, here’s Egypt and there are the pyramids.”
Kid 1: “Whoaaaaaaaaaa!”
Kid 2: “They made those?”
Kid 3: “If you touch them, will they fall down?”


Kid painting a cardboard recycling box: “Are we being graded on this?  Because I’m probably gonna get an F-minus.”


Kid running down the hall: “We’re hunting for scavengers!”

At church.

After a little boy selected a pink crayon:

She: “That’s a girl color.”
He: “Nuh-uh, there are no boy or girl colors.”
She: “Really?”
[Me: “That’s absolutely right.”]

At Target.

High school blonde girl, probably about 16, looking at a dress: “Whoa!  This is WEIRD!  It’s like…printed.”


Later, in the dressing room…from within another stall…

Same Blonde Girl: “Um, yeah I don’t really think that dress works on you.”
So-Called Friend: “Why not?”
Blonde girl: “Because it just looks weird.”
So-Called Friend: “What do you mean?”
Blonde girl: “Well for one thing, it’s too long.  I mean, you just can’t go around wearing long dresses.  It just really doesn’t flatter you.  I mean after a certain length, it’s like…there’s just too much…um, fabric.” [Pause] “Ohhhh, this one looks way better!”
So-Called Friend: “Um, I think it’s way too short.”
Blonde girl: “No way, girl!  You’ve got to show that body off!”
So-Called Friend: “But I’m like, hanging out of it.  I feel weird.”
Blonde girl: [scoffs]

Laugh. Cringe. Smile. Sigh. Love life. Repeat.


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