“How are you doing by the way??? Life? Work? Love?”

A friend recently asked me this question via email, and I answered as completely as I could, while remaining brief.  Usually when I try to post a general life update, it ends up being mega long.  In this case, my answers ended up being a good summation (instead of a whole novel) of this moment in time, so I thought I would post them:

Work is great…I’m just super busy right now as I’m transitioning from doing my job at the temple part-time into full-time, and I’m trying to figure out how to balance what all three of my bosses need, as well as anything anybody else at the temple asks me to do.  I’ve also been babysitting a lot, but that is winding down (the school year is ending, so the parents will both be home all day), so it’s perfect timing for going full-time at the temple.  I’m having fun at my job, but the longer I’m there the harder it gets, because they’ve started to depend on me more and give me more responsibility.  I’m not sure that this will be where I stay forever, but for now it pays the bills and challenges me in ways I never expected.  So I feel lucky to have such a good environment to learn in while I wait for a new career to possibly surface.  On the side, writing for RVA News keeps me (a) sitting in front of the computer for hours when I should be doing chores and (b) making a little extra money.

Nothing like Israel Fair Day at the temple.
You call this work? A peaceful walk while babysitting.

Life is great…but with SynerGeo / church / small group / weddings / birthdays / friends’ rock shows and art openings and clothing swaps and blah blah / etc. etc. etc. it’s just one thing after another lately.  And this weekend I’m throwing a pre-wedding party for some friends, at my house.  So we’re in high preparation for that.  And guess what?  It’ll probably rain again!  The theme for this week: steamy, thunderstormy, dance parties.  Looking back through recent pictures, I’m amazed at how much has been going on, and how much fun we’ve managed to pack into a few months.  But I cherish the rare evenings when nothing is scheduled and I can truly relax with a book or some sewing.

TSG (small group) end-of-the-year tapas party.

A beautiful wedding followed by hours of dancing.

Celebrating the beautiful Alyssa's birthday.

Nutzy fulfills Chris' birthday wish.

Love is wonderful too…it’s so amazing to have a partner that I enjoy hanging out with while we go through all of life’s crazy stuff.  I’m so happy that at the end of the day, when I’m ready to drop from everything that’s going on, at least our relationship is calm and comforting and not all hectic like life tends to get.  It’s nice.  Some nights we open a bottle of wine after dinner, and sit on the porch while he smokes his pipe and I read aloud from Tom Sawyer.  I love those nights.  Some nights we’re so busy we don’t see each other at all, which is okay too because I have tons of crap to be working on for my own projects in the meantime, and it’s nice to just breathe and not have to entertain somebody.  And of course, sometimes he drives me crazy and I want to strangle him, but luckily that’s only like 1% of the time.  It’s just been really rad to see that we’ve been together for almost 3 years and had no drama whatsoever between us…he’s the faithful, unfussy, supportive type…that is what I love.

Dan with friends at the new 821.

So now I’m wondering the same from my friends / readers:  Life? Work? Love?  You know where to find me.  ❤


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