week in review, 3.19.10.

This week: Work, teaching the kids about John the Baptist at Children’s Worship, KC’s annual Spring Forward Into Fun party, SEAS and salads at Ipanema, work, SynerGeo board meeting, babysitting, a long walk in the sunshine and coffee, TSG and rainbow cookies, work, a new and delicious recipe for vegetarian caesar dressing, the most amazing “chicken” pot pie EVER and a hangel (hangout with Hugel), work, the usual dinner hangout with Mia and Manon featuring spaghetti, salad, and bread.  Today: work.  Tonight: good talks around the fire pit.  Coming soon: fiddling with our new camera, getting the garden back into shape.

Photo by Karen Seifert.

Aaaand, catching up on links.

  • If you haven’t already gotten on it, PLEASE go here and nominate Richmond for the Google Fiber for Communities project!  This would be great for our city and our sanity.  Let’s pull together!
  • Always Midnight was featured on Little White Book this week! I couldn’t be more honored…this is a great, locally-minded wedding and event planning site that really stacks up to nationally-known resources.
  • Jackie Mullins, a former professor of mine and the current Registrar and Collections Manager at the Valentine, talks about clothing and memory.  This woman truly inspired me when I took her class several years ago, but that’s only part of the reason I look up to her.  She also has my dream job: sifting through historical clothing all day.  ::sigh::
  • In etiquette news, it looks like they’re making a movie about the efforts of an Emily Post manners coach to bring some guy out of the gutter.  I’m excited at the occupation of “manners coach” being spotlighted in pop culture, but I wish the movie was about the life of Emily Post herself….

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