of cauldrons and close quarters.

My life in pictures…

We're all a little sick of winter and of being in such close quarters.

Our church's Children's Worship bible of choice, which I've fondly dubbed "The Dreadlock Jesus Bible."

Always Midnight photo shoot with (mostly) the usual suspects.

Canasta. Lots of it.

This is half of what I have to look forward to on Mondays and Tuesdays. Just look at that bottom lip.

The SynerGeo brunswick stew sale (featuring the amazing Cauldron of Doom) was a HUGE success...thanks to all of you who supported us!

The first time I ever read a novel written by a friend. Get excited -- it comes out in June!

Reprising my role as Little Red Riding Hood for the Purim party at work. If you've never eaten hamentaschen, you should try it.

Not pictured:

  • Rearranging the living room, which was declared a vast improvement of the general household.
  • Drinks for Alison’s going away.  Wishing her luck as she moves up north!
  • Alternating running/  Wii Fit / Budokan.
  • Lots of good hangouts in the above-mentioned new living room, with amazing folks like Jenny O F, Manon, and Mia.
  • A killer impromptu dinner with Dave and Kristin featuring (a collaborate effort) buttery / garlicky pasta, wilted spinach and white bean salad, spinach / artichoke dip, and fresh pear pie.
  • My parents’ first visit ever to Chipotle, which was enjoyed by all.  Even though Dad didn’t understand why there needed to be burrito “instructions,” he was stoked to find they have margaritas there.

Now that the photo shoot is done, I feel like I don’t have such an insane pile of to-dos hanging over my head.  Aside from my work, writing, church, and SynerGeo commitments, things are finally starting to calm down for me in a noticeable way.  I have so much energy right now and I’m beyond excited about spring, and about spending some time in the garden soon.  This is going to be a good season.


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