valentine’s day 2010.

On Saturday the power was out, so I caught up on about a year’s worth of magazines: several issues of ReadyMade, Relevant, and Virginia Magazine of History and Biography.

It was freezing, because when there’s no power there’s no space heater.  And no electric blanket.  When the power finally came back on, we curled up under the electric blanket, thawed out, and watched the first disc of Flight of the Conchords (hilarious!).

We exchanged gifts — I got Dan a steampunk tie tack and he got me some beautiful vintage earrings — and then got ready for dinner at Mamma Zu.  Although we got there right at opening time, the wait was already an hour long…so we decided to try the Belvidere.  We chose wisely.  It was delicious, and I enjoyed every bit of my crabcakes and vegetarian salade nicoise.  Afterward, Dan surprised me by driving us to the Byrd to see New Moon (for the, uh, third time in the theater).  So our evening was made complete by vampires.  Valentine’s Day WIN!

Yesterday I worked, and then we went to a talk at Shockoe Hill Cemetery called “Romances Beyond the Grave,” featuring Chris of the Poe Museum.  I personally don’t find anything more romantic than strolling through a snow-covered cemetery and then huddling in a tiny, brick caretaker’s shack to watch a slideshow about Poe.  Coffee and rainbow cookies really took the event from amazing to epic.  Another WIN!  The Friends of Shockoe Hill Cemetery put on the event, and they have a lot of rad plans for the cemetery that I can’t wait to talk more about soon in the Midnight Society blog.

We followed this up by a late lunch at Cici’s, sponsored by Jess Tyree’s amazing wedding gift of Cici’s Bucks.  Last night we stayed in and played some games, finding that we’re pretty much at a standstill as far as Jenga, Harry Potter Uno, and Dr. Mario are concerned.  It’s like playing board games and video games against yourself, we’re so equally matched.  We ended the evening with Dan reading to me aloud from Tom Sawyer while I rolled my hair in curlers.  Looking over the past couple of days I have to admit that although it was the perfect Valentine’s Day weekend, it’s not very different from a typical weekend we would have.  Which just serves to remind me of how fortunate I am.



2 thoughts on “valentine’s day 2010.

  1. I caught up on so many magazines while snowed in. It was great!

    and yay! New Moon FTW! I can’t wait til it’s on DVD. How do you feel about these Breaking Dawn 3D rumors? I don’t like it.

  2. I didn’t know anything about those rumors, but I feel like that would be overkill. It’s intense enough without 3D. I find 3D distracting, unless I specifically want to see something in 3D. Just going to see a movie, and then having to deal with 3D? Not good.

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