I don’t ask for help often, but about once a year I do ask for some support for SynerGeo.  As a board member it’s my responsibility to drum up a significant amount of fundraising dollars, so if you are able to help us out this year, I would be eternally grateful.  You can buy brunswick stew from us (I’m a HUGE fan of this magical stuff), and I will be helping to make it later this month.  Let’s face it, this has been an insane February, and you’re going to be eating a lot of soup anyway.  Or (and I know a lot of you can’t eat the stew) you can buy plants from us, thereby getting ready for spring gardening and supporting SynerGeo at the same time.  Please go to the SynerGeo site for more details (the only difference from my original post there is that if you want brunswick stew, you can order it from me directly!).  To my amazing friends — thank you so much for considering giving back to your community.


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