snowed, volume 2.0.

Richmond has been a winter wonderland lately, and though it’s finally beginning to melt, we might have more on the way.  This is the most snow I can remember getting, and the longest I can remember it staying on the ground.  EXCITING.  I love the snow and can’t get enough of it…until it turns brown and hangs around for months in parking lots and ditches.

Lots of home-related, nesting-type stuff going on lately…

our minds have been blown by having so much snow!

walking home from the bar with the roommates in the quiet, beautiful snow.

new handmade bell jars from my friend who's affectionately known as "other Tess"

a pretty new print from the Keep Calm gallery.

stuffed peppers a la Dan

Not pictured:

  • Trudging to church in the snow, through the snowball fight insanity near the dorms.
  • Impromptu X-Men movie marathon with Dan.  Magneto owns you!
  • 14 hours total logged playing The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.  Productive?  Yes, if the fate of Hyrule matters to you.

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