gpoyw: wedding edition.

October 17th was my wedding day.

Photo by Chris Lacroix.

Since then I’ve collected photos from myself, my friends, and my parents’ friends, and this week received the professional photos from Chris Lacroix.  I’ve compiled them into a catch-all Flickr album including his photos as well as some of my favorites that other people took.  Make some tea and brace yourself, for in the grand tradition of compulsive documentation there are over a thousand photos.  I think they really show what a beautiful evening it was, and help to explain why people are still coming up to me saying things like “Most beautiful ceremony I’ve ever seen,” “Best dance mix I’ve ever heard,” “BEST. WEDDING.  EVERRRRRRRR!” and “Dude I was out of commission the next day.”  Enjoy!

Note: If you want to purchase prints of any of the professional photos, do it through Chris Lacroix’ site and use the discount code “thebyrd10.”

Photo by Chris Lacroix.

Photo by Chris Lacroix.

Photo by Chris Lacroix.

Photo by Chris Lacroix.

Photo by Chris Lacroix.

Photo by Daniel Lawson.


5 thoughts on “gpoyw: wedding edition.

  1. Hi, ran across something you wrote at RVA about Museum Etiquette. So true, all of it! So, I linked to your blog and saw this post and HAD to tell you my wedding anniversary is 10/18/1998. Great time of year to marry!

    Your wedding looked creative and fun. Obviously, best wedding ever!

    Take care,


  2. Hello and thanks for reading! Yes, I think it really was the perfect time of year to get married. Fall is my favorite season. 🙂

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