of snow and strugglin’!

It snowed!


This is the most I’ve ever been inconvenienced by a snowstorm, and I’m happy for it.  Usually it snows a little and then it’s gone the next day.  Since it snowed Friday night, the snow has only melted a little and is going to be there for a while.  Of course it threw a wrench into most of our plans, but I love snow so much I don’t care.  Oregon Hill is beautiful, sledding was fun, and we even ventured out for Bird’s fabulous Mad Men-themed party.  Everything feels so wintry.  Last night, the whole family went out to see the new Disney version of A Christmas Carol, which was not so great, but not so bad because the story is so fantastic.  Tonight we head to Williamsburg as usual to see the cressets lit and stroll down DOG St.

the hill -- looking so pretty in the snow.

our backyard.

sledding at the Overlook.

Brendan and Mia

Kathryn and Dan

just LOOK at Bird's dress.

Adventures usually include more than just blessings, though, so we have our share of challenges right now.  For example:

  • The recession finally delivered a bad blow to our little family.  I prefer to think of it as a way to make sure we’re not putting our faith in false, worldly “security” and instead to just survive.
  • We’re not running the heat in our house this year, because as I think I mentioned, it costs like $500 per month to run heat in a house with drafty doors / windows and NO insulation.  But even this isn’t so bad, because our rooms are kept toasty with space heaters and heated blankets.  We just can’t leave our rooms.  Haha.  I’ve been engaging in what I call “Wii Fit: Polar Bear Style” and “Cooking Dinner: Eskimo Style.”
  • Right now we have no water because the water main froze and broke on Idlewood last night.  So I’m washing my face at work for now, and I’m sure we’ll be taking showers at my parents’.  The cats can drink snow.

So I think I’ve discovered that all we really need is electricity, and all else are just nice-to-haves.  When I think about the conditions that other people in the world are living in, I can’t believe I even think it’s a hardship to go without a few things.  Of course, the real test will be seeing how I feel after a few more weeks of this when the snow has melted and the “adventure” feeling has worn off.  🙂  My roommates are awesome and so far we’ve been enjoying ourselves and laughing at the sheer ridiculousness of the situation.  My hope is that instead of getting complainy and tired, we’ll just get stronger and become used to going without (ha, even more than we already have been), so that the end result is that we’re polished by hardship rather than worn down.  An awesome opportunity, really.


2 thoughts on “of snow and strugglin’!

  1. Love your photos, Tess, as well as the snow embellishment on your blog page. Nice touch. 🙂 Sorry to hear that you’re dealing with so much stress right now. I’m reminded of one of my favorite proverbs:

    If winter comes, can spring be far behind?

    Seems appropriate. Based on our experience weathering a fair bit of stress the last year and a half, I’d say that viewing difficulties as temporary is a happily self-fulfilling prophecy. It also seems to boost your odds in the tired/stronger battle. XO

  2. Thanks! Yeah, the snow thing is an option that WordPress gives blog owners every December. I always choose to let it snow. One of our little challenges is already done (at least for the time being) — the water came back on tonight. Huzzah!

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