making do.

Lovely "Singer Print" by Clare Owen, via Design Is Mine.

I feel like a new person now that my holiday craft show preparations are over, because I went from planning the wedding to going on the honeymoon to crafting my head off, without a break.  And now I can do other things!  And the days stretch out beautifully before me.  Happiness is a clear(ish) calendar.

Things from the Richmond Handmade Holiday craft show:

Seen — A girl carrying a rabbit around in the hood of her hoodie.

Overheard –A conversation between a father and his tween daughter:

Dad: I just want you to get off it and stay off it! [I think he meant her cell phone]
Tween: Well what am I supposed to do….LOOK AROUND or something?
Dad: Yes!

Accepted — A compliment from an older lady:

Her: “I dressed up as you for Halloween!”
Me: [long silence]
Her: “I was a goth!”
Me: “Thank you!”

Traded my wares for —

Prints by Erica Vess of Bee’s Knees Studio.

A glass nugget from Jackie Mancini of Pretty Silly Things.

Bookplates and a mini letterpress wallhanging from Aijung Kim of Sprout Head.

And while we’re on the subject of her, I’ve been kind of obsessed with her “Inverness” poem lately.

It was by FAR the best craft show I’ve ever bothered with.

In other news, two tidbits:

Aaaand a little something else pretty, for good measure:

Talk about a garment with great motion.


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