if I were a diplomat.

According to Coilhouse, there’s this Ukrainian politician named Yulia Tymoshenko who dresses flawlessly, rocking epic dresses instead of power suits and succeeds while doing it.  And who has just become a top-tier style icon for me.  I am allergic to politics of course, but I can tell you that I wholeheartedly support her ability to remain feminine yet tough in an arena where women’s wear usually dissolves into rows of navy pantsuits.  I spent like an hour last weekend trying to figure out who makes this dress so that I could try to find a knockoff of it, but no dice.  She probably has an army of magical mice or something, and they just make her these perfect ensembles while she sleeps on a pillow of fairy’s wings.

So in my frustration I allowed myself a furtive visit to some favorite dress-selling sites, where I drowned my sorrows thinking about what I would wear to my high-profile job negotiating the trade agreements between Narnia and Middle Earth.  Just insert my face, fairy princess hair, and these dresses and you’ve got the picture complete.


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