g r a t e f u l .

I already went on and on about this thankfulness business earlier this week.  But perhaps a few items can be added?

I’m also thankful for

  • the simple fact that I’m blessed beyond belief and have it better than most of the world’s population — no matter what kind of a day I’ve had
  • baby cousins
  • gifts left in the mailbox
  • a husband who can go out and be charming and have a great time and meet lots of strangers and not be too nervous or shy or needing me to babysit him the whole time, and who can also stay in and watch movies quite contentedly in our little space heater paradise of a living room
  • my mom’s serious cooking skills
  • the privilege of forgiveness
  • my brother getting stationed in Hawaii
  • a church family that I look forward to seeing every week
  • a great job
  • other people finally catching on to this whole vampire thing
  • hearing new stories, or old ones told differently, every holiday


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