of mad scientists.

Besides our regularly-scheduled weekly committments, I’ve been holed up in the library creating things.  I’m like a mad scientist with feathers and bits of ribbon, bubbling the afternoons away with the hot glue gun, iTunes on shuffle, and Netflix Instant.  I even had to turn down an outing to Maymont with my lovely roommate in favor of staying here assembling things.  What’s great is that I love making these things, so I have fun during my exile.  All prisoners should be provided with craft supplies.

But why am I in such an urgent frenzy about it?  Because I’ve been way behind on my crafting due to certain other events taking place, and I’ve got some craft shows coming up for which I need to be ready.  Anyway here’s the info (from the Always Midnight blog) about the events coming up, if you’re interested at all in buying local!

Hello all,

Always Midnight has been lucky enough to be accepted into two great craft shows going on this holiday season!  This is your chance to get all your holiday shopping done LOCALLY…so come out and support Richmond-area crafters.

— My stuff will be at the Bizarre Market Holiday going on all month from November 27th – December 24th, upstairs at Chop Suey.
— We’ll be at the Richmond Craft Mafia’s Handmade Holiday, December 11th and 12th at the Visual Arts Center.

I was also featured with an interview on the Handmade Holiday blog!

I’ve been hard at work making lots of new stuff, so if you haven’t seen it lately, you come out and take a look. Alright, hope to see you out at these events!  🙂


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