suntan? more like un-tan.

We’re back from the Outer Banks, and we had a lovely time.  Because there’s not much of anything going on in Duck, NC, it’s the perfect place to do what is so hard for the modern American to do: force yourself to relax.  It rained about half the time we were there, so for much of the time we couldn’t even sit on the beach.  But it really was the perfect vacation.  There was plenty of space in the huge house my parents rented, and my room was comfortable and breezy.  The usual beach house furnishings were tasteless but amusing, and included a taxidermied dunes elk and wild marlin.  When we weren’t on the beach we were either eating, reading, playing Canasta or The Game of 99, or watching a movie.

The ocean was rougher than I had ever seen it on our many trips to the Outer Banks, and swimming was a treacherous thing to try.  The waves were huge and the surf churned relentlessly, leaving a frothy layer on the sand.  Yesterday the lifeguards went down the beach putting up red “No Swimming” flags, so even on the sunniest day there was no chance of taking a dip.  One of the nights, the house (on stilts) pitched and swayed so much that the dishwasher made a horrible banging noise, and the liquor on the counter sloshed violently in its bottles.  NOT a comfortable feeling, even for someone who loves both the beach and rollercoasters.

On the way home, Dan was kind enough to endure a seafood buffet, which is of course one of my chief pleasures in life.  The bad thing is that I think I’m developing an allergy to shellfish: my favorite food.  Right now it’s just a little itchiness in my throat and my fingertips, which is certainly worth the deliciousness.  But why can’t I just be allergic to peanut butter or something else I hate?

Anyway, I was so glad to arrive home and see that Richmond was right where I left it.  ❤


7 thoughts on “suntan? more like un-tan.

  1. dear tess (and dan)

    i think we’ve decided you guys might very well be our favourite couple.
    we wish either you lived closer to us, or vice-versa.
    i’m not terribly good with words sometimes, so i suppose i’ll just leave it very simple.

    (and kayla)

  2. Calvin, you are a sweetheart. I think we have a couples crush on you guys too. Dan always describes you to other people as “this really cute couple we see at Cornerstone.” Road trip to the east coast soon!!! You know you’ll have somewhere to stay.

  3. I miss you so much tooo!! Calvin speaks the truth. I always tell him how much I wish you guys lived close to us….and every time I see everything you post I tell Calvin, “LOOK. Tess and I BELONG together.” We creepered your wedsite and saw you are getting married in a theatre too and then I said, “THE FOUR OF US belong together!!” Hah. We will take you up on that visit, I promise.

    P.S. The New Moon trailer leaked today. Hope you’ve seen it.

    P.S.S. You should message me you two’s address on facebook. I needs it.

    ❤ Kayla

  4. P.S. I’ve seen Dan smile many times, but every time I see a picture of him with you, it occurs to me that I never really saw his *smile* until I saw a picture of him and you. Now I see it all the time.

    Just thought you should know. I notice these things.

    ❤ Kayla

  5. YES, we do have so much in common that it seems like a cruel trick of fate that we can’t be together! Just the four of us. You know what’s a great spot for a honeymoon? Beautiful, sunny Richmond! Just saying.

    P.S. I was totally too late and they already took it off Youtube. BUMMED.

    P.P.S. Done!

    And wow…what a sweet thing to say about Dan’s smile. His mom has said something to the same effect. It makes me feel really good to have extra confirmation of how happy he is from those who knew him before I did!

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