RIP Slippy

Slippys most recent picture, taken about two weeks ago.

Slippy's most recent picture, taken about two weeks ago.

This morning I went downstairs to answer the door and saw a lady who lives a few houses down standing on my porch.  Slippy frequently hangs out at her place, so I was thinking “Oh great, what did she do now?”  When I opened the door, she said “Your baby got killed.  I’m so sorry.  It looks like she got hit by a car.”  Though both Dan and I have had pets all our lives, this is the first time one has ever been hit by a car.

Everybody who gets a cat knows they’ll probably end up outliving the feline, and with Slipknot’s rambunctious nature I had always had my doubts that she’d ever die of old age.  But still, it’s a sad occasion because she really was a sweet, smart animal. When we first got her and Sophie, they played and fought together in the house all the time.  Slippy soon became obsessed with exploring the neighborhood, and in recent months she barely came home at all.  If I tried keeping her in the house she would stand near the door and hiss at everybody until someone let her out.  My interactions with her had dwindled to the short car rides home from picking her up from all over the city when people called the number on her collar.  The most recent of those car rides was Sunday, and this time she actually stayed inside all day, sleeping on my desk, and slept on the bed a little bit that night.

But, back to this morning.  I thanked my neighbor for letting me know and went to find a box.  I walked out to the street to find another of our neighbors, one of the super-friendly old-school Oregon Hillians on the block, weeping quietly near the curb.  Through her tears she said “I just loved that little kitty so much.  She was so sweet and sometimes we would feed her.  Why wouldn’t they have stopped if they hit her?  I just don’t know why they wouldn’t have stopped.”  She was such a tiny cat that someone could have totally hit her and not even realized it.  It looks like she was in the business of darting out from under a car when it happened.  As practical of a lady as I am, nothing can cut the icy feeling of seeing your cat’s magenta blood spilled all over the asphalt.  It is just a cat.  But it’s just a cat who used to fit perfectly into the crook of my arm.  At least she probably never even knew what hit her.

I knew it would feel really weird to touch her, so I just did it as quickly as possible.  I picked up her stiff body and folded it into the box I had brought, and carried her to the back porch.  That was the heaviest shoebox I’ve ever lifted.  When Dan gets home we will give her a hero’s burial in the backyard.  Sophie has spent all afternoon in denial of her grief, playing with a ball downstairs and meowing for my attention.  She may not attend the funeral.

I’ma miss that little cat with the big yellow eyes, and that insistent meow that Jett called “barking.”  RIP Slipknot…everybody on the block misses you.


16 thoughts on “RIP Slippy

  1. tess (and dan too), i am so sorry to hear of your loss. she was lucky to have had such wonderful owners in her little life. RIP slippy.

  2. The day Jingles got in her second traffic accident (she survived the first) was a really difficult day for me. My neighbor across the street put her in a box and onto my back porch and someone left me a note, which I came home to. The still body, the blood, but still the same cat body left with no movement, it was hard. I met up with my old roommate Gabe and we buried her under a tree at my old apartment, not 20 feet from where she was born. I still stop by on my way to Byrd Park from time to time even though I don’t know who lives there. But the more important part is the memory of a rad cat and all the cool stuff that made up her personality. I have a ton of Jingles stories, and I”d encourage you to tell Slippy stories too, I’d listen!

    And like I mentioned earlier, after exactly a year in heaven Nathan needed a cat, maybe Slippy’s the one for him.

  3. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I understand what a surreal feeling it can be. She was the coolest, sweetest little bean ever. I remember coming to feed her and she would just “bark” at me, little beep mews that were so happy and full of life. Sending my love down the street to you both!

  4. I’ve been in this situation and it seriously almost broke me.
    It’s weird because you’re so said, but then you feel stupid for being sad, but then you feel bad for feeling stupid. I won’t say it’s worse then when a person dies, but it’s certainly it’s own uniquely difficult experience.

  5. Oh, Tess. I’m so sorry!

    I’ve always found grieving for a pet to be one of the few times where emotions are simple though. You’re just sad. There’s no baggage or anything. Doesn’t make it easier, just different.

  6. Such a great noble picture to leave behind tho, with so much personality. Quick lets get matching dear departed portrait tattoos!!

  7. Agreed. It is obvious that she will be fondly remembered, and you did her a great service with this piece.

    ❤ Kayla

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