of summery looks and sneaking away.

The past week or so has been a guestbook-finalizing, program-folding, Hawaii-studying. agenda-making, schedule-sending blur.  This stuff must be done now because soon we go to the beach with the family, and at the beach there will be only relaxing and no working.  And when we get back from the beach, the showers take place.  And then it’ll be almost time for Dan’s parents to arrive.  And then it’ll be showtime.

Tuesday night was an amazing break from all of that for the RETURN of small group (yes!), drinks at Helen’s for Keith’s birthday, and sneaking away to grab a quick cheese pizza with extra garlic — our biggest joy in life — at Aladdin.  I kept repeating the phrase “I feel so refreshed!” over the middle-eastern music videos and hookah smoke.

Two nights ago I made new displays for my wares and last night I set them up with all the products they would hold in preparation for Black Market at Fallout on Thursday.  Come out if you want to get some drinks and browse through some gothy goodness.

Link time:

  • My desk really needs this vintage letter holder.
  • So tempting and yet impractical: this George Washington mask!
  • Ugly buildings are inexcusable.  It’s what I’ve been saying forever.
  • This lovely little number is like the grown-up version of those kids’ clothes I posted last time.  If only I had $100 and wasn’t morally opposed to the idea of wearing a “romper.”
  • A doily pin.  That is all.
  • So much inspiration and enjoyment of summery things pointed out by the amazing Liebemarlene Vintage.
  • I can get into everything except that beret.
  • Guys, the lace cravat is making a comeback.  IN MY DREAMS.

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