of hugs and horizontal rain.

This weekend was the usual BFD whirlwind, and everything went as planned except for the thunderstorm that smashed through Hadad’s on Saturday afternoon.  Kenny said it best: “When you’ve got horizontal rain, it’s time to go.”  TRUE.  It was fun smushed into a gazebo with 200 of my closest friends and one beer bong (as a documentarian I had to force myself to observe rather than discourage) until I started freezing and noticing that peoples’ lips were turning blue.  Ah well!  It was all worth it for the hour or so I spent floating quietly in the lake before lunchtime, and for the hugs I got from out-of-towners, and for Kristin’s cherry vodka and 7-Up.

I also hung out with Richmond ex-pats Nicole and Jordan this weekend, went to the anniversary party for 240 Minutes, lunched at my parents’, and potlucked it up at church.  Can’t wait to spend this week recovering from the year’s busiest and most notorious weekend.


10 thoughts on “of hugs and horizontal rain.

  1. J/K, I will totally love the heck out of your baby and I promise not to be mean to it in the nursery and make remarks which give it a complex about its red hair.

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