of sprinkles and singalongs.

Since Dan’s been home from tour, we’ve mostly been catching up on sitting on the couch and being latched onto each other.  Thank goodness we did not post about it on Facebook.  But seriously, I feel refreshed and ready to jump back into the maelstrom of activities that is a Richmond summer.

Here’s what else I’ve been doing, in pictures.

made some cupcakes for Dans birthday

made some cupcakes for Dan's birthday

had a backyard hangout for Dans birthday

had a backyard hangout for Dan's birthday

attended Matts bar mitzvah-themed birthday party

attended Matt's bar mitzvah-themed birthday party

saw Better Than Ezra at the National

saw Better Than Ezra at the National


4 thoughts on “of sprinkles and singalongs.

  1. Ha ha. I have a friend (who will remain nameless to protect the innocent) who creates a wife related post on pretty much every status update. It started out as cute. Then it became dull. Now it is nauseating.

    Thank you for keeping your couch talk off Facebook.

    Thanks for having me over on Friday!!!

  2. I know, right? Luckily I don’t see many of those types of posts, but STFU Marrieds cracks me up anyway. I mean obviously if you’re living your life with a partner, you’re going to mention that person frequently. But some of the ones on that site are just over the top. I guess people feel like Facebook is a really safe zone since you’ve approved all your friends, but…you could still end up on a site like that. I think it’s far more likely that Dan and I will end up here.

  3. Actually I think that’s mega old-school BTE logo style, which might very well be Comic Sans or inspired by it. But in their defense, in the dark ages Comic Sans wasn’t as frowned upon.

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