fancy little habits.


thanks Drew!

thanks Drew!

Yesterday I made a dress.  Just a simple black dress out of a simple knit fabric, and I can’t wait to wear it.  I’m sure pictures will be posted soon featuring the dress.

Last night I played pretty badly at softball.  Curses!

My cats are missing again, both of them.  I mean I’m all for them going off on secret, adorable kittycat adventures, but I have no little wet kitty noses nuzzling me for kibble and that’s sad.  If they come back I’m going to have to implement a rule in which no kittehs can stay out past my bedtime.  I never thought I would be imposing a curfew on cats.  This is ridiculous.

So much going on this weekend: hangouts with Nicole, family reunion, baking things with Mia, and church stuff.  And then Monday morning I leave for Cornerstone, and I’m super excited.  A whole week of bands, boys, and hotel swimming pools!

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