of whirling and waiting.

This is one of those times where I sit down to write, and nothing comes.  I’m having to force it out.  The past few days have been packed with lots of activity, much of it in preparation for Dan going on tour.  Now that he’s gone I should be in a bubble bath eating bonbons, or whatever the accepted “girl time” norm is, but instead I’ve committed to going to like 14,000 parties.  This always leaves me (1) at a loss to describe all the greatness I’ve encountered, and (2) with my head in a fog.

Jono definitely NOT getting mad air. Photo by Phil Bowne.

Jono definitely NOT getting mad air. Photo by Phil Bowne.

The Black Iris party: Everybody Loves Halfpipes
Last night was probably one of the top three or so best parties I’ve ever been to.  My talented and entertaining friends at Black Iris threw a big party at their studio, where they’ve recently built a halfpipe.  I got to watch a bunch of my friends shred it up on the halfpipe, enjoy delicious tacos and the signature Black Iris cocktail, watch Bad Veins as well as Marshall Costan and the Awesome Few, and dance it up into the wee hours of the night with DJing by Cam and Asa.  I met a lot of new people, caught up with a lot of old friends, and just basked in the amazing party-planning abilities and unrivaled hospitality of the Black Iris crew.  I think I heard people yell “Can we do this EVERY night?!” several times throughout the evening.  My feelings exactly.  Also, Hugel danced!  For hours!  And he’s a genius!  He’s been holding out on us all this time.  Today I’m sore from the dance floor and exhausted from staying out way past my bedtime…but it was worth it, as it usually is.  My pictures are awful of course, but Phil’s are GREAT.

Naomi and I showing Ben how its done.  Photo by Phil Bowne.

Naomi and I showing Ben how it's done. Photo by Phil Bowne.

Occupy My Mind

I’ve been looking forward to Dan going on tour for a while now, because although my favorite thing in the world is being with Dan, my second favorite thing in the world is being alone.  So I’ll have plenty of time this month to sew, read, paint that bench I’ve been meaning to paint, plot for upcoming projects, swing around in the hammock, and just sit with the cats in the dark.  At the same time, though, I feel more in love with him than ever and it strains me to be apart from his beautiful face and his comforting voice for very long.  Also, people in town have started frantically demanding “WHERE’S THE MAN?” anytime Dan isn’t with me.

Ah, Miscellany

And now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go prepare for more party-hopping tonight…


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