of fittings and factoids.

This past week our life has been a delightful blur of church, pre-marriage counseling, dinner hangouts with friends, softball, rock shows, serious talks, assembling hors d’oeuvres, entertaining, wedding dress / accessories / rehearsal dinner planning, Alias, frustration with out-of-gamut colors in CMYK, visiting with my parents, and asking the cats what they’re doing and why they’re so cute.  You know, the uje.  Things have been a little more high-stress because we’re trying to get a lot of things done before Dan leaves for tour, but I know that “high-stress” to me means anything more rushed than lying on a picnic blanket, fanning myself lazily.  Stress is relative.

I had a rad time seeing the Blue Letter play on Wednesday night, and they happened to play with a band called Junius that we’ve been big fans of lately.  It is very difficult to sound like anything other than garbled loudness when playing in a tiny tube of a sushi restaurant, so I salute them.

I also got to meet little miss Lowe, Daron and Jenny’s new baby.  We had some people over for an official meet n’ greet with the newbie, and well…she was perfect.  A big-eyed baby chewing on its fist and smiling and crying and being adorable…what’s not to like?  It was also really nice to have people over for drinks and food; we have so much space now that we’ve organized the house better, and entertaining is about 95% more enjoyable than previously.  Later, a few of us were treated to a lovely dinner at Mamma Zu and I know that the delicious meal, soft lighting, excellent conversation, and smiles of my friends will stick with me for a while.

I’ve never been good at many board games (besides Taboo), and have always been much more of a video game person.  But recently my friend Carolyn challenged me to Scrabble, and I was all “Pshh I can take her,” and then she  proceeded to murder me.  So after an intense training period, I’ve worked myself up to an all-time best of 384, and pulling things like playing the word “FACTOID” to use up all my tiles and get a crazy bonus.  On one hand, I’m like “Yay, I finally know how to play this game without constantly looking at the rules” and on the other hand, I doubt the habit will stick just because gameplay is a little stressful, and…see paragraph 1 for how I feel about stress.

Yesterday I tried on my wedding dress, and it fits.  The girl who made it did a great job, and one thing I really love about it is its sturdiness and stiffness, and how it doesn’t feel like it’s going to rip or wrinkle if I move an inch.  Throughout the process the design really morphed from my original idea (circa 1870s french silhouette) to more of a Marie Antoinette type number, but the morph is not necessarily a bad thing.  Instead of floating through a crowd of wedding guests like a gauzey fog, I’ll be all trussed up and ready to go in the type of hard-partying, many-layered, durable-for-hours party garb that Marie wore.  I think that when facing the big celebration at hand, I will be thankful for having an outfit that’s the perfect blend of rigid structure and feminine delicacy.  I can’t wait to try the dress on when somebody’s here who can lace it up correctly and take a few pictures of me in it; I think that will allow me to see how I really look in it and decide what embellishments to add or remove.

Enough typing; I have to get ready for work and a SynerGeo thing…no rest for me this week.

Of course we have some links to catch up on right quick though…

I’m hoping to get a chance to post again today or tomorrow; I have a lot of inspiration-type stuff I want to air.  So get ready.


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