onscreen and offscreen.

Engagement pictures are posted, thanks to the wonderful Chris Lacroix.  We met at the Byrd on Friday and figured out some of the ceremony details, and Chris was able to eke some nice pictures out of the incredibly lightless room he had to deal with.

Other than that, we did spend a lot of time planning this weekend, as well as moving a multitude of Dan’s lingering things out of his old house.  This afternoon we went to church where I had the very gothy opportunity to read aloud from Revelation to a captive audience, and then at softball the Tidal Waves dealt a crushing defeat to the Richmond Ambulance Authority.  When I got back to the block I ran into my friend Arielle, whom I hadn’t seen in years, and when I brought her inside to show her the house, Dan was reorganizing the hall closet and making me a delicious dinner of vegetable fried rice.  I spent the last few hours uploading pictures, watching Alias with Dan, and undergoing intensive Scrabble training since I’m locked in a battle to the death with Carolyn via Facebook.  Right now there is a cat next to me purring her head off.

I never want amazing weekends to end, but I know that the routine of the workweek is exactly what emphasizes great weekends.


6 thoughts on “onscreen and offscreen.

  1. Actually, it’s hard for me to get into it because I detest spy things. I mean if there’s one thing I really don’t want to spend my time watching, it’s people loudly punching other people for the sake of some government. BORRRRRRRRRRING. Every scene where she’s doing that, I’m either bored or uncomfortable. Every scene where she’s hanging out with her friends, I’m mildly interested. Every time they play that ridiculous techno music to try to heighten the mood, we both put on our imaginary glow sticks and dance.

  2. HAHAHA! I love the spy stuff, but that’s probably obvious since my blog is named “svrspy”. I also have a crush on Vaughn/Will (alternates). I love seeing her crazy outfits and wigs.

  3. I agree that the wigs are fun, but I’d enjoy them more if her jawbone didn’t jut out so harshly and scare me all the time. I have crushes on what I think those guys would look like with good haircuts.

  4. There’s an episode later on when Will looks just like Brad Pitt. That’s probably why I ❤ him.

    Actually, I thought Sark was pretty dreamy.

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