of pulled quads and polar bears.

This week I’ve flip-flopped back from focusing on crafts to focusing on wedding stuff, and I’m about to switch back again to sewing for a bit.

On Wednesday I pulled my quads while sprinting after a fly ball at softball, ended up having to run bases for two other girls because they pulled muscles too, and painfully made it through both games without dying.   I don’t know what the deal is with pulling muscles, but it seems like it doesn’t matter whether I stretch or not beforehand…sometimes it just happens.

This week I was able to get some save-the-dates done, which’ll be sent to Dan’s Canadian relatives.  Also, Lost is trying to infiltrate my wedding.  The only $.28 stamp available online is a picture of a polar bear, so it’s going to Iowa on Dan’s grandfather’s save-the-date.  I doubt he’ll get the Dharma reference, though.

Yesterday morning was beautiful, and I got a chance to take Leland to the park when I babysat her.  She played happily in the sand and shared her toys with all the other kids.  “I don’t eat sand, because I’m a big girl!”  That’s my girl.  Strolling a baby around the Fan?  Piece of cake.  I could get used to that.  Now if I can just figure out how to birth a fully-developed, potty-trained 3-year-old…

Last night I went to a VASPER meeting with Melanie, and it was hilarious, interesting, and bizarre by turns.  Happiness is watching documentaries with good friends and then talking about the documentaries.

This week I’ve been so busy hanging out with softball stars, babies, and paranormal enthusiasts  as well as folding and preparing to mail hundreds of Hebrew school progress reports, that I’ve barely hung out with Dan at all!  I think he’s been hanging out with (1) his band, and (2) Chris Lacroix.  We’re both looking forward to having this long weekend to relax together.  And also to party hard at Brandi‘s birthday cookout, of course.


4 thoughts on “of pulled quads and polar bears.

  1. Don’t delude yourself! We are friends because of your smokin’ good looks and no other reason.

    J/k, j/k. Thank you very much! I designed them myself, and kept it simple both because (1) simple = not busy or tacky, and (2) hobbyist graphic designers should not try to be too ambitious with their undertakings. 🙂

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