adventures in (someone’s) memories.

The Virginia Tourism Corporation currently has a neat promotion going on where you choose one of their pre-made (usually scenic) pictures or upload your own photo of a Virginia memory, and they’ll send it as a postcard to the person of your choice.  I made some and sent some to myself and a couple friends, and had fun playing with the site.

When the site would take a while to load between each click, I noticed that it was pulling a lot of data from Flickr.  So I went on Flickr and search for Virginia Tourism, and found their Flickr site.  Here they’ve posted some of the postcard images that people uploaded, and holy awkward spirit of the proletariat, did I have a great time looking through them!

Some of them are truly beautiful…those priceless scenes that someone captured while on vacation and cherished all these years.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Some of them are lolcats.

Exhibit C

Exhibit D

Some of them are from those people who are obsessed with their tiny, yappy little dogs.

Exhibit E

Exhibit F

Some of them are curious and become more bizarre the longer you look at them.

Exhibit G

Exhibit H

Exhibit I

Some of them are Va Beach.

Exhibit J

Some of them are babies of the cute and creepy persuasion.

Exhibit K

Exhibit L

And finally, some of them represent that group of Virginians that remains an enigma to me always with their unprincipled, haphazard manner of dress, their habit of not being self-aware, and their ability to have a conception of appropriateness that doesn’t intersect with mine at any point.  My hypothesis is that these are the callers whose twangy voices crackle out when you accidentally hit on one of those redneck talk radio morning shows.  I hear those voices sometimes and I go “who are these people, and why do they have to seemingly represent our locale by being the only people who call in to the radio?”  And I think I’ve finally got some faces to put with those voices.  It has also occurred to me that they might be the only group of people who still listen to talk radio, and therefore the only group who still calls in to talk radio by default.

Exhibit M

Exhibit N

Exhibit O

Exhibit P

Exhibit Q

Exhibit R

Exhibit S

Exhibit T

Exhibit U

O strange and unknown people in these pictures — thank you for your hours of desk job entertainment.  I hope you enjoy your corner of the Commonwealth as much as I do, and that we can continue to live in (relative) peace.


2 thoughts on “adventures in (someone’s) memories.

  1. Glad you like the pictures. Those are the “cream of the crop”, so to speak. You should see the ones we couldn’t post! We are highlighting these on our website at if you want another time-waster. I am adding more at least weekly and working on adding search and bookmarking features to this little app.

  2. Yes, I’ve been enjoying them immensely. Thanks for posting these! It must be exhausting. Can’t wait to see more, and I think adding search capabilities would be really helpful and make it even more fun…

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