tartines: new favorite appetizer?

I was true to my word…pretty much all I did this week was watch movies from my “Instant” queue on Netflix, and work on things for the shop.  I did play softball on Wednesday finally, and now I am in pain.

We’re having C-therine and Jason over for dinner in a few minutes.  I made spring tartines, salad, and baked polenta with mushrooms and gorgonzola.  The cats are cute but they are not helpful around the kitchen.


4 thoughts on “tartines: new favorite appetizer?

  1. http://www.realsimple.com/food-recipes/browse-all-recipes/baked-polenta-mushrooms-gorgonzola-10000001548763/

    In the ingredients, when it says “instant polenta,” just use regular old yellow corn meal. Easy peasy. Be realllly careful when you’re stirring it into the boiling water, because if you go too fast it’ll clump quite badly. Also, this time I used grated cheddar instead of the cream cheese, and it was great! Definitely be a little more heavy-handed on the cheese than it calls for. And garlic powder is a good additive as well.

  2. Yeah, I love it! It’s co-ed. I’m not sure if we need guys or not for this season, but we might still need some. I feel like we’re always cutting it close with having enough people there to play. I’ll email you…

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