of harbor time, and homages to mom.

On Friday Dan took me to Baltimore to see Frodus, which is one of his favorite bands of all time.  I’m sort of a casual fan, but becoming more and more into them.  They played at the Talking Head with Sick Weapons, a band that is made up of some friends of mine who used to live in Richmond.

It was such an amazing day,  and here are some things I’ll remember from it:

  • Loving how our GPS unit guides us stresslessly through the north.
  • Walking around the Inner Harbor with Dan, eating coconut ice cream and people-watching.
  • Killing time by sprawling out on the floor of Barnes & Noble with Hawaii guide books, dreaming of oceanfront views.
  • Talking about the past and the future while carrying coffees back to the club.
  • Catching up with Dan Evans and Ellie while having drinks at the Talking Head.
  • Making a new friend — a guy from DC who bought one of Dan’s amps.  Funny, demure, and with good hair.  I’m looking to marry him off to a deserving lady.
  • Conversations about the future of Frodus after Jason expressed how glad he was that I had dressed up for the show (I hadn’t, particularly).
  • Dancing to Sick Weapons and hearing Ellie tell funny stories between songs.
  • Seeing Dan sing along to his favorite Frodus songs as the crowd went insane.
  • Somehow driving through the night to get us home at 4am…thanks to singing to myself very, very loudly and turning on the AC full-blast.

An epic time, certainly.

Saturday I slept a lot, and then went over to survey the Blue Letter‘s progress as they worked on their new trailer.  They put a new floor in, and I’m impressed that they were able to do that on their own.  I sat on the porch with Jonesy for a while and we talked about plans, and she fed me junk food.

Sunday I worked, and then we went on a picnic at Maymont with Mom, Dad, and Megan to celebrate Mother’s Day.  Instead of just bringing some sandwiches (Megan and I had taken care of the rest), Mom brought like 10 different things to eat, and it was amazing. We lounged on blankets and Mom was able to talk to Drew on the phone for a second before his phone card ran out.  It was such a beautiful, perfectly warm day.  And Mom was really happy with the little charm necklace I had made her that had tiny pictures of me, Meg, and Drew in it.

For most of yesterday evening we worked on planning the honeymoon.  It’s overwhelming and fun at the same time.  The problem is that there’s too much information.  When you’re planning a trip to a destination that you know nothing about, there are so many sources and so many reviews and so many choices, it’s really hard to decide where to stay and what to do.  It’s really exciting to look at pictures of hotels, though, and to look up where they’re located on the beach in relation to everything else.  It’s starting to sink in that we’re really going to Hawaii.

Last night Dave and Kristin texted us from their picnic blanket at the overlook, so we walked down there and had some wine with them, and then brought them back to our place for an impromptu late-night dinner and more wine.  I love it when Kristin gets really excited and talks animatedly about viruses and phages and such.  And we talked about going on a couples vacay together sometime.  And then when we dropped them off at their house, they gave us a big box of beautiful glassware that I need to go through.  I love Dave and Kristin!

Okay.  The rest of this week will be full of CRAFTING pretty much exclusively, so I can get ready for Art:24 on Saturday.  Wish me luck!


10 thoughts on “of harbor time, and homages to mom.

  1. Oh, I tried to buy Dan a beer but every time I went to the bar, he was all fresh-beer-boy. Isn’t Ellie hilarious?! Next time I promise I will do more to impress you in order to make it onto your bullet points for the day! Haha, so happy to see you there though. Always puts a smile on my face.

  2. Haha, actually your polite sweetness in the face of an awkward moment impressed me greatly, but I didn’t want to talk about all your business on my blog. But since you mentioned it…Hey guys, Michael had sort of an awkward moment and he got through it with flying colors!

    Yeah, Dan had a blast but he was sooo medicated that day because of allergies that he just completely crashed as soon as we started driving. I had to take over, even though I’ve made it known to EVERYBODY I travel with that I simply cannot drive long distances at night. I challenged Death, and he lost that night. Death: 0, Me: 1. Somehow I feel he’ll be settling the score at some point.

    We couldn’t believe it when Ellie told us you were coming; I was like “WE ARE IDIOTS!” Haha.

  3. Haha. Well if we are in the situation again *I* am an excellent night driver and can return us safely into the loving arms of our commonwealth’s capital!

  4. …and thank you for that very kind compliment. She tells me that he treats her right, and as long as that’s true then that’s good enough for me.

    Time to get the heck out of here!

  5. you are too cute and absolutely fantastic for making us dinner! we had a wonderful time and now i really have to get you two over for dinner chez nous 🙂

  6. i spent a lot a lot of my childhood in hawaii, if you want some secret local hot spots! haha

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