“everything’s so in-your-face here”

Last night I went to a show at the Temple of Doom again.  I chuckled to myself as I passed through the kitchen, thinking about how last time I was there one of the residents said that no, they did not have any dishes or cups, because he got rid of them.  “What do you mean ‘got rid of them?'” I asked.  “No one was washing their dishes, so I gathered them up and put them in a pile in the backyard and burned them.”  Epic.

The band we went to see last night was Tera Melos, some friends of Dan’s from California.  They were really amazing, in a deedly-but-not-too-deedly sort of way.  Ahem, Dillinger.  Take note.  They gave Dan a 7″ of covers they did, and one of them is the theme song from Pete & Pete, and I am very excited to listen to it.  I said “Hey, you should shoot the video to it,” and he said “We did!”  And lo and behold, here it is.  Genius.

We were talking about differences between the west and east coasts, and one of the Tera Melos guys was saying (about the east coast) how easy it is to hit a ton of cities within a short distance on tour, and how there are beautiful buildings everywhere.  He said “Everything is just so in-your-face here.”  I laughed and said “Why?  Just because everything here isn’t beige?”

After their set, I was sitting in the backyard and some kid was trying to give away demos for his band.  “Who wants a terrible demo?!” he kept shouting.  There you go kid, reverse psychology.  They’ll never know what hit them!

We were talking about how it had gotten so hot and sweaty and smoky in the basement while the show was going on, and Brendan said “I looked up at the ceiling and thought, ‘this place is actually decaying right before our eyes!'”  Indeed.  It was a good night and as we walked home I rejoiced at doing my civic duty: helping to keep Grace Street crumbly and in squalor by attending a house show there.

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