of miniatures and mitzvot.

Wow…what a weekend.  It’s already oppresively hot here, just the way I like it.  We’re going to resist turning on any AC units for as long as possible, opting instead for open windows and ceiling fans and the feeling that summer has finally arrived.

Thursday night I had dinner with a few other ladies as we said goodbye to Gianna, who’s moving to some jungle west of here.  I got to hold Keaton, who promptly started choking after sitting on my lap for a few minutes.  Gianna deftly slapped him on the back and all was well.

Friday night we went to see Manchester Orchestra at the National, and that was fun.  We were both super tired though, so I don’t think we enjoyed being out as much as we enjoyed coming home and passing out.  When it just starts to get super hot here every summer, I have a hard time adjusting initially.  That sun really knows how to come out and sap a goth girl’s energy.

On Saturday I accompanied the Blue Letter on a photo shoot with Chris Lacroix, which mostly took place in the ruins of the Vepco Hydroelectric Plant on Belle Isle.  I had never been inside the ruins, so I had an amazing time taking pictures of it all.  It’s damp, and rusty, and full of broken glass, but beautiful nonetheless.  Afterward we had Slurpees and beers on the back porch, and then Dan and I did some gardening.  Most of the backyard has been weeded, and I will finish weeding and mulching today probably.

Saturday evening was spent gathered around my parents’ fire pit with the rest of our extended family, grilling hot dogs and playing with all our little cousins.  It was a lot of fun, though a solemn occasion since it was a going away party for my brother as he prepares to leave soon for the army.  I’ve decided though that sitting around the fire pit is my favorite way to hang out with my family.

Yesterday I worked, and it was Mitzvah Day.  Mitzvah Day is the day that the temple sets aside to particularly work on service projects in order to bless others (“mitzvah” means “blessing” in Hebrew).  There were a million things going on at once, and everyone had a good time.  I like to see little kids learning to do work to benefit those less fortunate, because I think that old habits are hard to break.  So if you get them in the habit of being generous early on, they’re less apt to break that habit.  See look, here’s Talia contributing to a bake sale that benefits a good cause, and getting a cupcake that matches her dress too!  Cuteness.

After work, Dan and I met up with Talia, Jett, Jessie, Sara, and Greg for brunch at Ipanema.  I’ve decided I like imagining what reality TV is like using only the descriptions from my friends.  I laughed a lot.  I went home and made oatmeal cookies to take to church, which we ate at the potluck after the service.  By then we were completely drained, and spent the rest of the evening watching movies — Chicago and 24 Hour Party People, and we enjoyed both of them.

I’m so glad the summer is back, but I enjoyed the winter and all the down time that I used to work on my projects.  I can feel everything ramping up again, and soon we’ll be busy with all the events and things that go on in Richmond during the summer.  This year I’m going to try my best to keep things calm and to not say YES to every single event I’m invited to.  Here’s to a summer full of plenty of fun and plenty of solitude…


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