of booths and black mulch.

Some accomplishments for the week so far:

  • Successfully navigated my first ever craft show, and had a lot of fun in the process.  Special thanks to Dan and Kenny for being dudes who will keep a lady company as she sells her hair accessories.

  • Got approved by the ABC to serve beer, wine, and liquor at the wedding reception.  Now we’re in business, people.
  • Finally stocked some new items at Rumors Boutique, including headbands and tiny bows on bobby pins.  If you’re nearby, stop in and try on your new favorite accessory!

  • Had a great time at the monthly SynerGeo community dinner, where the notorious Mad Dog had seconds of my rigatoni and repeatedly asked for beer, but settled for lemonade when it was found that beer wasn’t a choice.
  • Went to the RISC Nehemiah Action, where a bunch of people got together to ask community leader to commit to improving important areas.  The mayor was there, and he vowed to support RISC’s evidence-based program for substance abuse for the incarcerated.  It sounds like an amazing program, and it’s based on research that shows it’s worked before.  If we just spend some money to get it started up, it will save us a lot more money as our recidivism rates plummet.  It was really exciting to be there participating in the event, and I love that RISC doesn’t throw rallies just to complain about this or that, but rather to put actual changes into place on set timelines.  I had planned to write a summary of the event, but Ross already did so here, and the Times-Dispatch version is here.
  • Completed the latest Robot Hearts column for RVANews!  This week: Who Are You Again?
  • Weeded and mulched the front garden.  The backyard is up next!

  • Bought a dress at Rumors yesterday with store credit, spent 20 minutes pinning and sewing it today, and wore it out to meet Dan for lunch.

I’ve noticed that the parade of things I do, which marches steadily on whether I blog about it or not, is becoming less of a litany of mundane chores and more of a celebration.  And this is not because I don’t have to do all the mundane things that everyone has to do, but because the mundane things have become as beautiful and fun to me as the big partytime things.  I’ve blogged about this before, but I guess I’m seeing evidence of it so much in my life that I can’t help but mention it again.  It’s nice to have a hard time deciding whether to stay in and do my simple household tasks, or go out and laugh and party with my friends…because either option always sounds so lovely.

Link attack

I only have a couple today, but they are particularly good ones.


6 thoughts on “of booths and black mulch.

  1. you might want to take another look at that interactive map, and then shrink the age bracket from 20-34. then you will see that there are LESS single girls than dudes.

    as a single dude, i had to defend myself here. hahaha.

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