of tourism and tabbies.

Today was a red-letter day.  First, we ran some errands and finally found me a Team Jacob button!  Months-long search, ended.

I did a little yardwork when we got home, and plan to do much more this week.  Now that it’s warm, I can’t wait to get the garden looking its best again.

Afterward, we went on the Civil War Sampler bus tour (through the Valentine Richmond History Center) with Phil, Bill, and Chris.  I had a great time and learned a few new facts.  I always have a blast being a tourist in my own town.  I’ll be blogging about it soon over at the Midnight Society blog.

And tonight, as I was crafting in preparation for Spring Bada-Bing, I got an email from someone who had found and captured dear Slipknot!  We rushed over to her house (about a block away) and recovered our lost kitty.  Now she’s sprawled out on the couch in her favorite spot, purring happily in her sleep.  We’re so ecstatic that she’s back.  Thanks to everybody for your kind thoughts and for keeping an eye out while she was gone.

Tomorrow: excitement and hard work with my first craft show ever!  Wish me luck…


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