hav u seen r kitteh?

Seriously, Slipknot’s been missing since Sunday.  She’s always gone out and come home before, so I’m not sure where she is now.  I’ve emailed the Oregon Hill email group, and searched Craigslist, and made flyers to post around the neighborhood.  I miss her, but the worst part has been watching Sophie mope around the house since she’s been gone.

Other things are going on…mostly me doing a lot of crafting in preparation for the Spring Bada-Bing.  Last night was one of my favorite nights ever: glue gun, on the couch, watching Jane Eyre with Dan.  “Hey, this movie is creepy.”  You’re darn right it is.  I wish I could go back and not know what’s locked in that room!

Also, my friends from church just had a baby.  This is one that I’ve been eagerly awaiting, actually having had the chance to see the mom grow over the past few months.  I can’t wait to meet the new little girl…

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4 thoughts on “hav u seen r kitteh?

  1. Oh no! she’s the little barking jumping bean. I will make sure i keep an eye out for her on my walks home!

  2. I’ll be sending out safe kitty vibes! My cats have given me some good scares staying away too many days.

    Have you checked the library? (That part’s a joke based on the above photo. Nice pillow case!)

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