the resolute urgency of now.

This week has included some wonderful things, including:

  • Watching my new Twilight DVD with Dan, who was kind enough to surprise me with it upon returning from tour (side note: why did I not realize until today when I heard it on a podcast that Kristen Stewart is ROD STEWART’S DAUGHTER? — side note to the side note: I guess we can’t be expected to keep up with all of Rod Stewart’s various offspring — [edit 4.11.09]: Podcast schmodcast.  I didn’t know she was Rod Stewart’s offspring, because…she’s not!  So it makes sense that I’m way behind on news that doesn’t exist.  Hearty thanks to The Checkout Girl for correcting!  Also, “side note to the side note” still holds true.)
  • Marriage counseling, illuminating as always
  • Getting way too epic on Thursday night
  • Spending all day yesterday being a vegetable with Dan, watching lots of movies and recovering from our various illnesses

Thursday night was indeed fantastic though.  My friend Melanie came over and we talked and drank some wine, and then headed over to a house show on Grace to see The Blue Letter.  I think it was one of their best shows in a while, at least for me.  Sound quality can only be but so good in some basement, but I’ve been excited to hear their cover of the Smashing Pumpkins’ “Tonight, Tonight,” and it was amazing.  The music was great, but another highlight of the evening was asking a kid who lived there if we could borrow some cups, and having him explain to us that he got rid of all his dishes because nobody ever washed them.  So he just took them out in the backyard and burned them (into a heap of charred plastic, I expect).  Oh, Hell Block.  You’ve still got it after all these years.

8 thoughts on “the resolute urgency of now.

  1. Haha I was about to hop on over to wikipedia to check on Kristen Stewart’s dad, so I’m glad I kept reading.

    I forget, do you like the movie? Wait, was that the first time you saw it?


  2. 1. I like the title of this post…

    2. Rumor mill is saying this might have been Unwed Sailor’s final lap. Honestly though, I say good riddance to a band who intentionally show up 2 hours after the show is scheduled to start and then don’t even have the respect to watch the opening band(s).


  3. Thanks. Eh, I didn’t know they showed up late, but…welcome to band life. I could never be in a band, even if I were musically talented, because of the lack of organization on the part of promoters and bands. Almost every single show any of my friends’ bands has ever played has started late, or been moved at the last minute, or had some dispute over the order of the bands, or some other stupid dramatic junk rather than people just sucking it up and doing everything as asked, on schedule. But as a reality check, I’d say that 99% of the bands I know don’t ever feel like watching the opening bands…and I wouldn’t want to either if I was on the road for a bunch of nights.


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