always midnight: the new frontier

I am so excited about the pictures my friend Phil Bowne took for Always Midnight.  I cannot stop looking at them.  Which is a good thing, since I just spent several hours updating my shop and uploading photos and just having an amazing time in general while my cats snooze silently on the bed.   I know that good photos are an important part of Etsy shop upkeep, and I feel like these pictures really do highlight my work.  Not to mention that Brandi looks so drop-dead beautiful in all of the photos, and her ethereal, angelic look was more Always Midnight than I even knew to ask for or expect.

I’m brimming over right now with gratitude to Phil and Brandi for helping me out and sacrificing most of a day to do this, and with excitement for things to come for the shop.

Please check out all of the pictures.  I can’t possibly fit them all into this blog post, though I may want to.


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