of cabinetry and croc extinction.

Less money, less problems.  I like that the opposite of the “mo’ money, mo’ problems” adage remains true as well.  I’m the brokest I’ve been in years right now.  Due to my current situation of working part time while trying to get the gears of my shop rolling, I spent my last $6 in the world going to Dan’s show the other night.  It’s one of those things where you’re making exactly enough money you need to pay rent and bills (and not a penny more), and then things go wrong with your car, and you owe your parents insurance money, and blah blah blah.  I freaked out for a little bit, but as years of being poor in the past taught me, quickly reassured myself that everything would be okay, and nobody would starve, and I’d get through this month just like all the other months I’ve gotten through.  Things will be taken care of.  I will be taken care of. It’s not a matter of scrambling around or cutting my hair off to sell for a wig or recruiting a gang of street urchins to pickpocket for me, it’s a matter of calming down and realizing that I can’t do everything myself. I keep being astonished that things are going so well, and that I can be increasingly happy as money decreases.  But it actually  makes sense if you think about it.  If you have no money to go out and buy frivolous things, you spend more time actually doing the things that make you happy.  For example, the rush of a shopping spree (and I admit there is a rush) cannot compare to overhauling your garden, or trying a new recipe from the dregs of the cabinets, or finishing a dress made from scratch (as I did last night).  I’d like to draw a VCU Business School-style demand curve for you to illustrate this point, but I guess it’s probably not necessary.  For more info on thankfulness and being blessed in the bleakest of circumstances, see Matt Moment’s blog.  I second everything he said.

So even though the boys are on tour and I can’t afford to buy so much as a kibble, I’ve had an amazing couple of nights rocking to some good iTunes mixes and persevering with the ol’  needle and thread.  And I’m going to beautiful Nags Head soon with the family, so there’ll be free seafood dinners galore and lots of pretty pictures to bring home, no doubt.

This whole experience has also allowed me to more closely identify with the prospect of debtor’s prison as drawn by Charles Dickens in Little Dorrit, the Masterpiece version of which is now running on PBS.  Lovers of Bleak House, beware!  You will soon be obsessed.  I can’t wait for Episode 2 to come out.  Also, the opening titles of the series have a bunch of thaumatropes spinning in the air.  And we all know I’m obsessed with thaumatropes.

In other news, I’ve been vastly inspired by recent blog posts showing off beautiful homes and decor ideas.  I get overwhelmed by the onslaught of these ideas, but it’s good to tuck them away for some day in the maybe-future when I’ll be looking to furnish some crumbly mansion of my own (fingers crossed).

Tonight I’ve got fun waiting for me at Sound of Music where the beautiful and talented Tracy will perform as Ringfinger, featuring Stephen Brodsky of Cave In fame.  I’ve been looking forward to this for a while.

And now, for some links…

  • Finally, a web site chronicling all the ugly condos that are plopped into our landscape.  Triple blech.
  • I love these photos by Joshua Hoffine that were featured on the Rumors blog.  I think they do a good job of illustrating just how scary things are in your imagination when you’re a kid (grown-ups are always downplaying these things).  And I think some of the haunted houses and haunted woods around VA could take a cue from this guy and start upping the ante.  I shouldn’t be more scared of some photos I saw online than I am of a haunted woods that I actually paid money to walk through.  Come on guys.
  • Tons of fancy schmancy decor items for less, as shown by decorpad.com.  I just spent like 20 minutes browing through these.
  • Crocs going out of business?!?!?!  Cue the mass celebrations and street parades and Ewok parties!

Hey look!  The sun just came out, and it is beautiful.  I’m so ready for another Richmond spring.  Time to gaze out my office window for a while.


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