of observations and oahu.

I don’t have much in the way of groundbreaking news right this second…I’ve spent the past few days doing a lot of crafting and taking care of stuff around the house.  So I’ll just post some random things:

Friday was one of the best days of my life. Dan worked all night Thursday, so he didn’t have to work Friday.  He slept while I was at work, and when I came home we wrapped ourselves up under a blanket and watched several DVDs in a row about tourism in Hawaii, and brainstormed about going there for our honeymoon.  Afterward we had dinner at Mezzanine, which was delicious.  Dan freaked out over his beet salad and green curry quinoa, and I enjoyed my crab cakes (what’s not to like?  it’s crab cakes).  I’m sure somebody’s already written an essay somewhere about the ability of good, flavorful food to bring out the smiles and the good conversation, so I won’t attempt it right now.  Later we watched Say Anything, which finally struck a chord with me this time even though I’d seen it before, and then were way too tired to go out.  Over the past few days we’ve both continually mentioned how great Friday was.  We’re so busy we don’t get much of a chance to just relax together, so Friday was a much-needed oasis in our hectic week.

Three observations from the benefit show (for the Oregon Hill fire victims) on Saturday night:

  1. Sit-down shows are the very best shows.
  2. Singing loudly is not the same thing as singing well.
  3. Talia should be in charge of organizing all shows from here on out, forever and ever amen.

In other news, Daniel Lawson and I are reinforcing our Myspace loyalty by attempting to update each others’ comments with the latest news of our lives, several times per day.

And now for some links:


6 thoughts on “of observations and oahu.

  1. I love love love Matthew Macfadyen as Mr Darcey!!! It’s one of my all time favorite movies. I haven’t seen his other movies, and didn’t even know he was in Frost/Nixon!

    The P&P facebook link you posted several days ago made my day, thank you for sharing! And I just saw how you can watch shows on PBS.org! Life just got so much better.

    I for sure would like to check out the small group you go to when I get back into town after my little get away. And just to be clear, I’m not going because there are singles there! hah, I think my mom wants to get me married off and suggested that I go to church’s singles activities.

  2. Yes, I love him too! I haven’t watched Little Dorrit yet, but it’s on my to-do list. I’m so excited.

    Yeah hit us up about small group; it’s Tuesday nights at 7:30pm! And usually there are cookies.

  3. i LOVE Maui. black and red sand beaches, 7 pools of Hana (sp), day trips to Molokai and other snorkling adventures, watching the sun rise over Haleakala, etc. i didnt care for Oahu..just my 2 cents on hawaii since ive been quite a bit!

  4. Yes! See this is what we need, advice. Since neither of us has ever been there. But we’re interested in two things: swim-up bars, and history museums. It seems that there are some rad museums in Honolulu, and plenty of beach stuffs, and lots of vegetarian food options. But having watched several tourism DVDs about Hawaii, it seems like all of the islands have some neat attractions. I don’t know what we’re going to do. But I know that we’re only going to have like 4 days there, so we’ll probably just stick to one location.

  5. OMG he is gorgeous! ^^ I luv how he pull out his role as Mr. Darcy and he was amazing in MI-5 as Tom Quinn.
    Little Dorrit is also in my to-do list as well!!


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