red horseradish quest ’09

Today I ran around town looking for Passover food for work.  Sure sure, send the Christian girl to the store to find obscure specialty Jewish items.  FAIL.  I’m learning, though.

Apparently everybody wants red horseradish at Passover.  Red horseradish?  I didn’t even know it came in red.  Neither do most of the people who work at grocery stores.  They don’t carry it at Kroger, or at least they didn’t have it at the Carytown one.  I was finally able to find an ample supply all the way out at the Westpark Ukrop’s.  Insider tip: It lives in the dairy section, near the eggs and cheese.  Who knew?

Anyway, the traditional Passover meal has various elements to it that symbolize different parts of the Exodus story.  In the past few weeks I’ve learned way more than I ever thought I would know about Passover, and yet today as I assembled ingredients for the kids’ seder on Sunday, I was still completely confused.  That’s what’s fun about this job — immersion in a different culture and the opportunity to learn snippets of another language.

Bonus for reading this far down: Red horseradish is red because it’s mixed with beets.


6 thoughts on “red horseradish quest ’09

  1. Ah! I just learned what the afikoman is yesterday. I don’t think I’ll be doing any hiding or finding of the afikoman, as my big job on Sundays is to take pictures of all our cute lil’ kids. This week in particular I think there’ll be plenty of opportunities for cool photos.

  2. Just so you know there is a kosher deli at Westbury Pharmacy on Three Chopt near Freeman High school. I think it’s the only one around here. It is pretty small, but might be of some help!

    good luck.

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