of pride, prejudice, plants, and party hats.

Put your party hats on, people.

Today is 50,000 hits day!  I’ve been blogging since 2003, but only on WordPress since August of 2006.  So  it took me from August of 2006 ’til now to rack up 50,000 hits.  Haha!  Such a humble number.  There are bigger fish who get that many hits in a day!  But it’s a fun thing to think of and recognize, especially considering that this just my journal and nothing that should appeal to people who don’t know me IRL.  I only need about 20 more hits in order to reach 50,000, so it will probably happen sometime this afternoon.  A milestone, indeed.  Yay, us!

Some amazing things from the past week:

  • This retelling of Pride and Prejudice Facebook-style absolutely made my day today.
  • I am still taking orders for flowers and other plants through SynerGeo, so if you can, please buy a little something from me.  This is a great way to invest in your own city, which desperately needs its nonprofits!  Let me know if you order something online, because it really means a lot to me.  March 30 is the deadline!
  • I made a dress on Saturday out of my favorite t-shirt and some additional black fabric.  Tess’ recession tip: make your own clothes.  Seriously guys, it took me like an hour.  I stopped wearing t-shirts when I started wearing dresses exclusively, and I’ve been wanting to find a way to get my beloved “Nevermore!” t-shirt back into my wardrobe.  I cut a piece of black fabric long enough to be a skirt, pinned it onto the bottom of the t-shirt, and sewed it on.  Ta-da!  It is so incredibly soft and comfortable.  I will wear it probably on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays or some such arrangement.
  • I’ve been trying lots of new recipes, including Irish soda bread, baked polenta with mushrooms and gorgonzola, and salade nicoise.  I love salade nicoise and was really happy to finally try making it myself.  It was good, and it’s easy to make it vegetarian (or even vegan if you need to).  The kitchen is more fun when you make new things often, I think.
  • Watching the nursery at church.  This is exhausting but always cracks me up.  I get to play legos with a bunch of kids, and then read them a Bible story.  And now, all of the regulars except for 1 little girl are out of diapers!  Huzzah!  This week one little girl said “I wike your cwazy hair!”  I told her I wiked her hair too.
  • Last night we had dinner at Chris and Emily’s beautiful house.  Chris is a whiz on the grill, although some of you already know this.  We sat next to the fire pit outside and talked for a while after dinner.  As always our conversation with them was both frank and funny.
  • Dan and I randomly stayed up late last night and talked for a long time and had some wine, and it was amazing.  This guy intrigues me and I fall more in love with him all the time.  As Jane Austen says, “My idea of good company is the company of clever, well-informed people who have a great deal of conversation; that is what I call good company.”
  • Apparently our church changed its name yesterday!  So instead of being Franklin Street, it will soon have a new web site and be known as “City Church of Richmond.”  Although I tend to hate change, I love the new name for its simplicity.

A bad thing from the past week:

  • My brother has enlisted in the army and starts in May.  This bums me out for lots of reasons, including the obvious ones (warmongering, PTSD, possible dismemberment by bombs, etc.).  But on top of all of that, we’re talking about a guy who hates authority and gets claustrophobic and historically has walked away from jobs for the slightest inconvenience to him.  I was like “DO YOU REALIZE WHAT YOU’RE AGREEING TO HERE?” but if your little brother doesn’t listen to you, then you just have to live with his choices and keep loving him anyway.  I am afraid for him, but I hope things turn out much better than I fear.

::le (disapproving older sister) sigh::

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5 thoughts on “of pride, prejudice, plants, and party hats.

  1. All Saints Spitalfields is down the road from me. They really do have some beautiful clothes. There was some UK fashion celebrity stylist in there the last time I went.

  2. hi darling! let’s have a Twain-fest! we’ll speak in nothing but clever one-liners, smoke cigars (ew! maybe pretend ones for me) and invest our money in totally ridiculous not-so-modern contraptions.

    i’ll send you the clemens/twain poems when i finish them!

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