of bliss and blech.

Feeling very inspired today.  Everything from the sun shining on the river during my morning run, to the lovely things people have made by hand that I saw online, has made me smile today.

Earlier I was coming up the steps at the office holding some copies I had made, and the finance lady said “Oh what are you smiling about?”  I was like “Nothing, I’m just happy!”  Nobody could describe me as someone who goes round with a dopey grin on all the time, but it’s nice to have my good cheer spill over into my countenance like this.

I’ve been happy — truly, sublimely happy — for so long that I’m losing touch with what it was like to be miserable.  It’s amazing how such strong, sad memories will just float away in time.  Now the norm is bliss instead of blech.  My worst days are a million times better than most peoples’ best days (judging from their own accounts), and for that I spend a lot of time pondering thankfulness.

Oh, links:

  • Hugel linked to a trailer for a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-inspired horror film.  Alright!
  • Offbeat Bride linked to a beautiful wedding in which the bride wore that gorgeous blue dress above.  That blue is one of our wedding colors, so we’ll have some accents like that, but…now I’m like “dang, should I have worn blue instead of a white dress?”  But mine will be great too.  This bride’s mother made her dress, which is mega impressive.
  • Sotheby’s is auctioning off Versace’s things, and what’s interesting to me (besides the beautiful pictures of the house) is that some of the items will go for less than $50.  I like that a lofty fashion designer liked to collect run-of-the-mill antique figurines, too.
  • A shooting on Parkwood, which is a sad thing, made me realize that Parkwood isn’t considered the Fan.  Holy smokes, why didn’t I know this?  And if it’s not the Fan, what is it?  It’s the one block hanging between the Fan and the expressway!  So what the heck?
  • Decor8 linked to stylist Emma Cassi’s blog, which had all kinds of pretty pictures on it.  ::sigh::

4 thoughts on “of bliss and blech.

  1. I BELIEVE everything South of Cary is whatever the following neighborhood is, ie Oregon Heights, Randolph, Byrd Park, etc… correct me if I am wrong, PLEASE.

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